Versatile crimp tools for 5-44, 10-32, and Micro Connectors!
November 27, 2018
Introductory Prices! 12 Position Micro Connectors!
February 6, 2019

Thank you to all our customers for a great 2018.

Milspecwest introduced many new products that solved real problems.

Our engineering team loves working with customers and assisting in developing their products. The Milspecwest team can provide expertise that will enhance performance while maximizing value.


Push-Pull Connectors

Push-Pull connectors that are interchangeable and intermateable with Lemo.  Milspecwest stocks many sizes.

Standard 10-32 Coaxial Plug Connector

Milspecwest’s MSW-CX1032 standard male crimp/solder connector is in stock.  Compatible with Microdot connectors.  Available with IP67 rating. 


5-44 Male Crimp/Solder Connector

Milspecwest’s MSW-CX544. 5-44 male crimp/solder connector for RG178, RG196. Features twist pin gold plated contact. Also available in HEX nut.


Connector Savers for Accelerometers / Sensors

For saving expensive accelerometers and sensors where repeated coupling and de-coupling is required. Show in 10-32 Coaxial – MSW-103CX-M-F.


Crimping Center Contact

Crimping center contact for MSW-CX544


MSW Crimp Tool

ONE TOOL to Crimp:
Standard Micro
Ultra Micro
10-32 Coaxial Ferrule
5-44 Coaxial Ferrule

Hex die is also available for your standard hex crimp tool frame.


Crimp Frame

Milspecwest’s tools offer multiple options at great prices.


IP67 Cable Assemblies

Standard Micro connector assemblies with internal o-rings and epoxy sealing to meet IP 67 standards. MSW IP 67 connectors also available.


2 POS Safety Wire Shell

Micro shell pre-drilled with hole to attach safety wire.


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