LEMO Intermateable/Interchangeable Push-Pull Connectors
September 17, 2018
Huge Selection of Push-Pull Connectors
October 25, 2018

Your favorite MilSpecWest Micro Interconnect products are now available to order in any quantity you prefer! This includes our NEW line of LEMO-Compatible Push Pull Connectors. When you need a simple and fast method connect or/and disconnect, these high quality connectors are the answer. Renowned for high reliability and quality applications they are also designed for high endurance and easy operation in limited spacing.

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Did you know you can find MilSpecWest Micro Interconnect products on eBay? It’s true. Our Micro Circular Connectors, Micro D Connectors, NanoConn Series, Cable Assemblies and Milspec Connectors can be found by clicking on our vendor link.

MSW Micro Connectors
Reliable circular connectors, available in 5 finishes

MSWH Heavy Duty Micro Connectors
Same reliability and small foot print but ruggedized for harsh environments

MSWU Ultra Micro Connectors
Same excellence reliability and finish options as the MSW. Ultra footprint is 30% smaller than the MSW Standard.

Push/Pull Connectors
Now in Stock! Intermateable and interchangeable with Lemo.

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