MSW General Specifications

micro circular connectorMilSpecWest's line of Miniature and Ultra Miniature connectors offers an effective solution to many applications where a reliable, easy to use connection is required. Our MSW( Micro ), MSWU ( Ultra Miniature ) and MSW ( Heavy Duty Miniature ) series are available with 12, 7, 4, 3 or 2 contact positions with a compact diameter range from 5,4 mm to 9,1 mm . Connector styles include EMI/RFI plugs and in-line receptacles as well as solder mount, jam nut mount and PCB mount receptacles.

Shells are brass with standard gold plate over electroless nickel. Other materials/finishes include brass with electroless nickel, brass with black chromate over gold and stainless steel, passivated. Inserts are glass filled PEEK for high strength, high temperature resistance and excellent dilectric. Contacts are gold plated C97 or other copper alloy.

MSW Micro
line is our standard line of Micro connectors. Specifications and sizing is designed to accommodate most requirements.

The MSWH Micro line is MilSpecWest's heavy duty line. The Heavy Duty line is 15% larger than the MSW line.  They offer a larger cable diameter and wire gauge.

The MSWU Micro line is Ultra small micro connectors.  The size is 30% smaller than the MSW line.  Same robust specifications as the MSW line but designed to fit a smaller footprint.

MSWD Micro-D connectors are used in applications requiring highly reliable, extremely small, lightweight connectors with higher density contact configurations than available in traditional rectangular connectors. They are available in 7 shell sizes accommodating from 9 to 51 contacts with additional special arrangements available. These connectors are designed to meet the demands for an environmental, high performance, rugged, moisture-sealed microminiature connector. Twist pin technology is a key feature of these connectors with 25 AWG pins or sockets on 0.050 (1.27) centers. Aluminum shells with Electroless Nickel finish provide good strength and offer excellent EMI and RFI protection. Stainless steel shells are also available for addition environmental integrity. Silicone elastomer interfacial seals provide a moisture and humidity seal between each contact and between contacts and shell.

MilSpecWest’s MSW line covers most standard applications




Electrical Resistance 10,000 M OHMS Per Mil-C-22557
Rated Working Voltage 400V @ Sea Level
Dielectric Withstanding 1,000 V @ Sea Level Per Mil-C-22557
Contact Voltage Drop 4 mV @ 1 AMP Per Mil-C-22557
Contact Resistance 4 MOHM @ 1 AMP Per Mil-C22557
Contact Current Rating 3 Amp


Vibration MIL STD 202A Method 204 Test Cond B (15G's) - No discontinuity in excess of 1 microsecond
Shock MIL STD 202 Method 202, 300 G's No Evidence of Damage
Temperature Cycle MIL STD 202 Method 102, Condition C
Corrosion (Salt Spray) MIL STD 202 Method 10, Cond B 5% Salt Solution
Moisture Resistance MIL STD 202C Method 106B, Omitting STEO 7B and High Humidity Tests


Contacts Contacts are Constrained in Both Directions
Engaging Force 0.8NPER Contact
Coupling Retention Torque 60 Nmm
Contact Durability 5000 Cycles with Contact Resistance within Min MIL-C-22557
Cable Retention Separation force equal to breaking strength of shield of the Cable Per MIL-C22557