MilSpecWest’s MSWD line covers most standard applications


micro d connectorMSWD Micro-D connectors are used in applications requiring highly reliable, extremely small, lightweight connectors with higher density contact configurations than available in traditional rectangular connectors. They are available in 7 shell sizes accommodating from 9 to 51 contacts with additional special arrangements available. These connectors are designed to meet the demands for an environmental, high performance, rugged, moisture-sealed microminiature connector. Twist pin technology is a key feature of these connectors with 25 AWG pins or sockets on 0.050 (1.27) centers. Aluminum shells with Electroless Nickel finish provide good strength and offer excellent EMI and RFI protection. Stainless steel shells are also available for addition environmental integrity. Silicone elastomer interfacial seals provide a moisture and humidity seal between each contact and between contacts and shell.


Materials and Finishes

Aluminum Shell 6061 Aluminum with Electroless nickel finish – In accordance with AMS-C-26074 or AMS2404.
Stainless Steel Shell 300 Series Stainless Steel, Passivate – In accordance with AMS-QQ-P-35, AMS 2700, or ASTM A 967
Insert Liquid Crystal Polymer
Contacts Copper Alloy, Gold Plated
Hardware 300 Series Stainless Steel

Mechanical Features

Contact Spacing 0.050 (1.27 MM)
Number of Contacts 9 – 51
Wire Size # 24 AWG – # 32 AWG
Crimp Termination Crimp


Performance Data

Dielectric Withholding Voltage Method 3001: 600 VAC at sea level , 150 VAC at 70,00′ altitude
Insulation Resistance Method 3003
Thermal Shock Method 1003. Condition A:  -55C to +125C
Physical Shock 500 cycles of mating and unmating, 500 CPH max
Vibration Method 2005 Condition IV: 20 G’s, 10-2,000 Hz 12 Hrs
Durability 500 cycles of mating and unmating, 500 CPH max
Moisture Resistance Method 1002 , Type II modified
Salt Spray Method 1001, Condition B: 48 hours
Contact Resistance - MIL-STD-202 Method 1001, Condition B, @ 3 amps @1 milliamps
Content Retention Per MIL-STD-83513

Part Number Breakdown